Why You Need To Read Your Organic Chemistry Textbook AFTER Every Lecture

If you’re seriously interested in your organic chemistry course and searching to understand the data correctly, you might know you need to browse the textbook before class. But are you aware that you might also need to see the textbook again AFTER class?

You may think, “I already browse the textbook before class I attended the lecture I realize the data. Why must I just read the textbook again?” Here’s why. Now that you’ve got a fundamental knowledge of the data should you browse the chapters again you’re going to get final clarification, “Will I know this subject or otherwise? Should i return and focus anything again? Where should i focus my study energy?

By studying the textbook again after class, you are able to systematically feel the information to determine what your location is and also to test yourself. The normal organic chemistry textbook provides some information at any given time, adopted with a challenge question.

Accept this concern! Don’t just jump through or omit these questions. Attempt to respond to them. If the example is supplied being an explanation of the concept within the textbook, turn the idea right into a question and get yourself what the reply is before searching at how a book explains it. This method for you to see if you’re confident with the data already covered or if you want to return.

If you are confident with the data, great! Move ahead! If you are uncomfortable by using it, return and restudy that information since the concepts continuously develop one another. Should you start losing that foundation, because the chapter proceeds with increased difficult concepts and questions, you will find yourself rapidly falling behind.

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