What are the Various Risks of Children being exposed to Internet Technology?

It would not be wrong to suggest that the onus of setting boundaries around children and internet usage would remain on the parents. Unsupervised and unlimited access of children over smartphones or internet has been condemned by people worldwide.

However, it would not be impossible for parents to set requisite boundaries around the latest technology in the manner they have set limitations for the children and the Internet.

What makes Parents uncomfortable with Technology?

The major reason why parents have become highly uncomfortable with children using technology would be the ability of children to know more than their parents would. With that being said, you should rest assured that parenting would be relatively tough in the present era. However, it does not mean that it should be deemed impossible. Setting up boundaries on the usage of latest technologies has been deemed of great importance in a manner as restrictions have been set up on children and the Internet in other aspects.

Serious Risks of Children Exposed to Technology

Unsupervised and unrestricted access to smartphones could act as a portal to a few very serious risks. There have been growing concerns highlighted by various medical authorities about technology having a grave impact on the mental and physical health of the children. It would be the instinct of every parent to safeguard their child.

It would pertinent to mention here that mobile phones could have a huge impact on the overall measured intelligence and working memory of the children, despite the phone was placed in the bag or on the table.

Risks associated with Children and the Internet

Find below few risks associated with children and the Internet.

●        Internet Addiction

Children having unlimited and unsupervised access to the internet would develop an addiction to the internet. They would shun out physical activities and devote their time to the internet.

●        Reduced Physical Activity

Most children would shun out all physical activity for the love of the internet. It would pose serious health concerns starting with poor eyesight, obesity, strained neck and shoulders, and underdeveloped interpersonal skills.

●        Susceptibility to Cybercrime

It would be no surprise to anyone that children have been lured by pedophiles pretending as good Samaritans physically abusing and molesting young children. There have been instances of young children being allured by unscrupulous elements to kidnap them. It would all lead to children being victims of cybercrime.

●        Ease of Access to Pornography

Excess of internet usage in children would lead to gaining easy access to pornography. It could make them either sexually addictive or sexually deviant.

It would be pertinent to mention here that rather than making the internet a taboo, it would be the responsibility of every parent to educate children into using it to their benefit.

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