The little-known benefits of wearing your baby – Choosing the best baby carrier

Of late, it seems that the everyday a new baby carrier is born. With the plethora of options that are available in the market, it becomes even tougher for the parents to choose a brand or a style which suits their baby in the best possible way. If you’re an eco-conscious parent, you must have been familiar with the process of checking the fine print of all the baby gears that you have bought in order to raise your children in a proper manner.

During the major part of human history, there were no strollers or prams and there were no ‘baby bucket’ carseats to use around newborns. Even at the current era, you will find lots of parents using a sling in order to wear their babies. However, a baby carrier has become the modern version of slings. Read on to know more on them.

The potential benefits of wearing your baby

  1. Babies who are worn usually cry less

According to a study, it has been proved that due to the closeness of the baby with the mother or sometimes the daddy, they cry 45% less in an hour as compared to other babies who aren’t worn by their parents.

  1. Babies have physical benefits of babywearing

When you use a baby sling or a baby wrap, the baby is held in a correct and comfortable position just as it used to stay inside the womb. When you carry your baby upright, this also enhances his digestion capabilities and prevents any kind of abnormalities. Make sure you choose the best baby carrier.

  1. Promotes healthy emotional and mental development

When you show in-arm parenting, this always meets the comfort and warmth needs of your baby as he can also get easy access to breastfeeding. Such babies tend to cry less and they remain in an alert state. This helps them improve their mental and social development.

Choosing the best baby carrier – Things to watch out for

  1. Check the leg position of the carrier

When you carry your baby, make sure his legs are pulled to a 90 degree angle and that they’re supported at the back of the leg. The crotch piece of the carrier has to be wide enough so that it can reach till the hollow portion of the knees.

  1. Know what fabric it is made up of

The most vital consideration should be about the material with which the carrier is made. Watch out for non-toxic dyes and those materials that are not flame retardants or textile chemicals. You might sometimes find your baby chewing the material.

  1. Check the headrest

The back portion of the carrier should reach the head of the baby from all the sides so that the head doesn’t fall either sideways or backwards. The baby should be able to keep his head upright and this will help him take a nap when he grows bigger.

Therefore, whatever be your state, you should always carry your baby with the help of a baby carrier to reap the above listed benefits. Use the points listed above to buy the best carrier.