Spanish Language – Essential Facts

Most of those who are living in the 3rd world countries aim to also experience living in the greener pastures like in the US and similar level countries. Before, this may sound just a dream to those who are not born with a silver platter. However, in this era, that is not the case anymore. Traveling to the other side of the world is not as a hard as it used to be these days. As long as one is motivated, he can still find a way to end up in dream land without the financial assistance of his parents.

However, when you go abroad or in another country, getting there is not just the main obstacle but just one of the many things one has to go through. Another notable ordeal is the language used in that country. Like for example if you want to travel to a Spanish speaking country, then you need to learn this language first.

Essential things to know about the Spanish language:

  1. This is also known as the Castilian language which is considered as a Romance language and originated in the Castile region of Spain.
  2. Next, to Mandarin Chinese, this is the most used native language all over the world. This is slightly more popular than the English language.
  3. It is quite popular that it is spoken by at least 3 million native speakers in each of the 44 countries around the world.
  4. It is said that this is the most phonetic language worldwide. This means that if you know how to spell the word, you can usually read it right as well. However, it does not mean that if you know the word, you can automatically spell it right as well.
  5. Although this language originated in another area, it is said that most of the Spanish speakers can be found in Latin America. However, there might be some differences when it comes to the grammar, spelling, and pronunciation from its origin but not enough as to be misunderstood.

So are you interested in learning how to speak Spanish? Well, if you are already a pro in speaking English and you will also become a pro in this language, I say that traveling around the world will never be a problem to you.

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