Robotel – They are Worth your Precious Time

If you are interested in learning how to speak a foreign language like Spanish or French maybe, there is no reason for you not to check out This company is considered the leader when it comes to educational technology and they focus on different languages. They can greatly assist language students like you if you pursue this path.

Robotel has a number of services every language student should benefit. Here are their services you can avail of:

  • Project consultation
  • Installation support
  • Teacher training
  • IT technical training
  • Technical support
  • System updates
  • Free Consultation

This company manufactures a digital language lab platform that is designed for multi-users and easy to use as well. What you can expect from their system are the following:

  • You can use any device
  • You can access the system wherever you are
  • Feature the BYOD system orbring your own device
  • They offer almost all languages you can think of thus even if you are already well-versed on other languages and you still want to expand your knowledge, they can be of service.
  • Any configuration
  • Can be applied to all teachers as they offer clean on screen, uncluttered controls, detailed teacher guidance, easy to use exercise templates and automated file transfers.
  • Can be used by any school thus when choosing a college or university, be sure that it is affiliated with the SmartClass+ system. It is your best shot to learn the foreign language the quickest time possible.

As of date, the conventional setup in a language school is a teacher with 25 students. They will spend tackling the subject an hour and thirty minutes every day. With 25 students, they can hardly find enough time to practice speaking the target language every day.

The thing is when learning a foreign language, the most important part is the speaking practice. Students should do this as much as possible like even when they are not in the classroom anymore. They should be given activities that will motivate them to do this even during their off hours.

This is where Robotel can help. With the fact that they have cloud hosting, anytime the students can confer with their teachers or other students so that they will be motivated to practice as much as they can. With this system, chances are they will become fluent with their choice of language at the end of the semester.


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