How to Create a Booster Club?

Across the United States, thousands of booster clubs have been formed by the endeavor of the parents of the school or university students for supporting their education, sports, art & music and other co-curricular activities the students are good at. These are member running organizations that collect funds from fundraising and by donating from their savings. Sometimes the booster clubs also arrange events for collecting funds for supporting the growth of the students enlisted in their clubs.

Are you interested to start a booster club with the other parents of your son’s or daughter’s school? Then you have reached the right place. We’re here to guide you with some ideas to establish a booster club—

Recruit parents for building the booster club

As you can understand booster clubs are team efforts and not a one-man endeavor. So when you and a few other parents of your kid’s school or other schools or universities have agreed to establish a booster club, you need to find and recruit more parents for establishing the club. Again, you also need to select or elect a President and a Secretary of the club that will divide the responsibilities. This is how the organizational operations can runs systematically and without jeopardizing the different responsibilities that needs to be taken care of.

Select a Name & register it

Next, a name of the booster club is necessary before sending it for approval and later on, for registering. Those who want to know how to create a booster club, they have to put focus on the name. It should be relevant with the mission that the organization is going to work on or support.

Create a Bank Account

Now, they need a bank account. It should be created with the name of the booster club not any individual person. The access of the bank account should be given to the trustee or the person held responsible for managing the accounts of the booster club.

Creating the rules, terms and conditions

Reputed booster clubs legally create the documents carrying the approved rules, terms and conditions.

So, like this, a booster club can be established.