Geometry In Everyday Life

It is evident to observe and feel geometry in each and every moment of life. When you turn around you can see the beautifully architected buildings in different shape. Some buildings will uniformly configured units and some will have a different and unique form of units.

In the home, you can see the geometrical shapes in the wall hangings, wind chimes, the structure of rooms, carpet designs, furniture patterns, arch, stairs and many more. Geometry is considered to be the oldest science which means Earth and Metron in Greek. Which exactly means Earth Measurement since it deals with properties of space and figures.  The subject that deals with size, shape, and position of figures are covered under part of mathematics as geometry. The great scientist Euclid is considered to be the “Father of Geometry.”

Geometry is widely used in determining the lengths, areas, and volumes. In the collective and generalized approach, we can feel geometry in nature with different designs, shapes, and colors around. Euclid made extensive research in geometry and contributed towards developing the concepts of the subjects. The length, area, and volume of basic shapes are studied in Euclidean geometry.

2D and 3D Geometrical Configurations

Let us know about the basic shapes in geometry. Depending on the dimension of the object shape are classified. 2-dimensional shapes include a circle, triangles, square, rectangle, pentagon, and other solid figures. 2-dimensional geometric configurations are explained as a set of points or vertices having lines connecting each point to form a closed chain. Shapes bounded by curves include ellipse, circle, parabola, hyperbola and many more. 3-dimensional shapes include pyramids, tetrahedron, cubes, polyhedrons and many more.

The concept of geometry is also employed in the areas of computer, Geographic Information Systems (GPS), robotics, and video games. The geometry presents helpful concepts for video game programmers and software developers. Video game engines typically put to use raycasting, which simulates a 3D world using a 2D map. The geometric computations required in the virtual world are obtained through the geometrical simulations.The coordinate geometry supports GPS to follow accidents that happen on road and aid in carrying out rescue operations. The coordinate geometry helps in intensifying flight security, military operations, environmental protection, earthquake monitoring, and weather forecasting.

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